Shaun is a well respected Brazilian Jiu Jitsu blackbelt with his own club in Redcar. He has proven himself both as a teacher and on the mats in competition. He trains under team Lagarto as will we at Sensei under his guidance. Shaun started martial arts in 1990. Trained Wado Ryu karate, then Muay Thai.

A list of Shaun’s achievements to date are as follows:

Began BJJ in 2002.
Fought MMA upto semi pro.

  • Blue belt 2004 off Mauricio Gomes/ Roger Gracie
  • Purple 2008
  • Brown 2011
  • Black 2014
  • Now 1st degree. All from Lagarto
  • Won gold at white belt against a blue in Newcastle comp
  • London open silver at blue
  • Cleveland Coastal gold
  • British open gold at purple
  • Northern open gold at brown
  • Nottingham open gold
  • Scottish open gold
  • Fought a super fight against Robson Gracie Jr.
  • Fought on Subfifteen
  • Fought on Tanko
  • British open 2 x gold, 2 x silver black belt
  • IBJJF London open gold medal at black belt
  • Absolute bronze medal
  • UKBJJA registered
  • IBJJF registered 1st degree Black belt