After studying Boxing and Martial Arts in my youth I returned to it as a young adult in 2003 and it very quickly became a huge influence in my life.

Working as a Martial Arts instructor I developed a desire to teach others and pass on the knowledge that had made such an impact on me. At this time, I also worked for Darlington Borough Council as a sports coach teaching many sports including boxing and wrestling to adults and children alike. Upon gaining my black-belt in 2008 I hungered for the opportunity to test my skills further through competition in Mixed Martial Arts.

Throughout my Martial Arts career I have actively competed in Boxing, Tae-Kwon-Do, Jiu-Jitsu and MMA. I have an absolute passion for teaching and coaching which is where the name “Sensei” meaning “teacher” in Japanese comes from.

I believe Martial Arts instils an excellent work ethic and the lessons learned through training transcend through all areas of day to day life.

Stylistically I combine traditional Martial Arts training alongside more modern western MMA, this coupled with a professional attitude developed through my career as a Physiotherapist enables me to provide high quality client centred teaching and care.

Alongside many competitive bouts in various martial arts, my most recent achievements in sports are:

Current TFC Welterweight Boxing Champion (2020)
Gold Cleveland Coastal (2019)
Gold / Gold (Double) BJJ247 Blackpool (2019)
Gold /Gold (Double) Lancashire open (2019)
Gold / Gold (Double) VS Newcastle (2019)
Gold / Silver British Masters Championships (2019)
Silver Role Models (2019)
Silver Sub15 (2019)
Silver / Bronze BJJ 247 Northwest (2019)
Gold / Bronze BJJ247 (2018)