Marcus Sudron

Marcus Sudron

Wrestling Instructor

Marcus has been wrestling from a very young age and is from a wrestling family. He has grown up with the sport and over the years has developed an extensive knowledge on how to apply the techniques alongside the best methods of teaching them. Marcus has competed for team GB abroad on many occasions which has given him a great insight into how other more famous wrestling nations prepare and train for combat.




No sport is older or more widely distributed than wrestling, often in highly local styles that have persisted to the present day.

Wrestling is a grappling art that has many variations and styles. We now offer the chance to train or compete in wrestling competitions at Sensei and have adopted the “Freestyle” approach to the sport. This style of wrestling is practiced around the world and is one of two forms of the sport seen in the Olympic games. The goal of freestyle wrestling is to throw and pin your opponent to the mat to win the match. Contests can also be won via points decision.

Wrestling is not only a great sport for fitness, strength, speed and endurance it is also a huge part of being a well-rounded martial artist. It is worth noting that most Ultimate fighting Championship (UFC) title holders over recent years have come from a wrestling background. Cross training in wrestling is also a great way to improve your GI and NO-GI Jiujitsu.